Blues that Moves, Grooves, & Soothes


HOLTVILLE — As cool weather approaches the Valley, the City of Holtville organized an evening farmer’s market and street fair on Thursday, September 21, for the community to enjoy. Family and friends walked around the set-up tents offering different items at Holt Park. Misery Whistle performed live music for most of the evening 


The Holtville Tribune - September 22, 2023

With the smell of good things to eat in the fresh, fall air and cool, jazzy blues coming from the Holt Park kiosk, the overall ambiance in Holtville last night signaled the first city-led Holtville Farmers Market and Street Fair of the season on Thursday evening, Sept. 21. 

Locals gathered together to unwind as the week was coming to a close in the Imperial Valley. There were good vibes all around as Misery Whistle, a local blues band — and what has become the “house band” for the Holtville Farmers Markets — played in the kiosk, where the four-member band was rocking out with feeling. Vendors were found skirting the park in a wide variety of local businesses, from carne asada tacos to hand-crafted jewelry. Any local citizen was sure to find something that would catch their eye. 

Misery Whistle, a local blues band, is seen playing with passion all night long inside the Holt Park kiosk at the Holtville Farmers Market and Street Fair on Thursday, Sept. 21. | KIMBER DIAL PHOTO

After playing its set of almost 40 songs, including covers and original music, Misery Whistle band member “Doctor Dan” shared that the group is named after an unfavorable nickname for the primary instrument found in all good blues bands, the harmonica. This year was the group’s third year joining in the farmers market season….

“We came to look around, but we ended up just sitting here listening to the music all night,” Graciella and Monica shared. The two women could be found along a windowsill of Holtville City Hall, nodding their heads to the beat all night. “We took one lap around, and then came back right here to sit down … the combination of all the instruments together really got us,” they said with smiles.

Misery Whistle in the News

Dozens of people wandered through Holt Park and the Farmers Market’s booths, listening to the music of what has become the market’s house band, Brawley’s Misery Whistle.- The Holtville Tribune, September 22, 2022